The Rainbow Hotsprings has been adopting out Samanayrs and their variations for years. These beautiful creatues come in a myriad
of colors and have a plethora of different traits, so each Sam - or Northern, or Aquatic, or Lamanayr - is completely unique.

yearning of the crimson rainbow samanayr/f
reach of the frozen winter northern/m
curl of the burning leaf samanayr/f
sentinel of spilling shadows samanayr/f
jewel of the deepest trench aquatic/f
flood of the gnarled river aquatic/f
afterglow of gaudy twilight sa'grisayr/m
kindle of the tentative flame sa'grisayr/m
precision of the scarlet strike samanayr/f
light of the candied fluff illiayr/f
locus of the moonlit fury northern/m
exult of the inquisitive dragon kirin/f
ghost of the dark forest samamayr/f
cove of the xanthic kelp aquatic/f
furtive of the unbeknownst endowment northern-kirin hybrid/f
mystic of the skyborne spirit mystic samanayr/f
whisper of the lonely gale samanayr/m
banks of the secluded lagoon northen aquatic/f
knell of the starlit pines northern tribal/f
isle of the idle idol arboreal/f
pluck of the blazing plumes sa'grisayr/f
guardian of the sunken temple aquatic desert/f
heat of the drake's delirium kirin/m

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