Samanayr Name Generator

I love coming up with samanayrs' names and wanted to learn some coding, so here's my attempt at updating the generator from the old Rainbow Hotsprings site. This generator pulls from four groups of words to ensure that each name has one nature-related term, to fit in better with Sushi's naming patterns. It's not perfect; a combination might pop up of three of the same words, like Twilight of the Twilight Twilight. Sorry about that. Many words came directly from the Samanayr Database. Currently there are 1338 unique words in this generator. There's also an aquatic name generator and a misery name generator!

If you have any questions, comments, or additions, please contact me, Jaes, via the sam forums.

11/2/13 Cleaned up the coding so the names should make a little more sense.
11/1/13 HUGE change to the coding. Thanks to the people at w3schools.com, this generator has been upgrade to v 2.0.
7/12/13 Created!