I had fun with cyber adoptions back in the early days of the Internet, and created my first websites to host them. This was probably around 1998 to 2002 or thereabouts, so most of the original sites are gone and their creators moved on to other things. I was digging around old files and got nostalgic for those communities and the friends I made there, and so decided to put back up any of my adopted pets that I could find.

Those were good days.

brightsunrise ka'marine/f
cces vevarie/f
ceronta capriquine/f
ciroken swiftlet/f
ghine oblekai/f
jece equii/m
jhena wildwolf/f
keeria girhorse/f
relorn girhorse/m
rosette galaxian/f
anala faequine (gryphon)/f
baenor faequine (gryphon)/m
carilli faequine (gryphon)/f
erijin faequine (gryphon)/f
jek faequine (gryphon)/m
kollurn faequine (gryphon)/m
layra faequine (gryphon)/f
payelle faequine (gryphon)/f
reshk faequine (gryphon)/m
shajeira faequine/f
quaynelle kingdomdragon/f
sperit sumieko/m
tauneran ryki/m
ti tsune dragon/f
yina lunaire/f
alber smirkadian/m
benic smirkadian/m
dellit smirkadian/f
feroke smirkadian/m
guenin smirkadian/f
keros smirkadian/m
joljaila smirkadian/f
landri smirkadian/f
sharlin smirkadian/f
trane smirkadian/f
trie smirkadian/m
winka smirkadian/f

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