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indie zelda
An awesome, awesome, awesome site. Lousia kicks so much ass it's like not even funny. She drew me a hot picture of Malon and Ganondorf nekkid which pleases me to no end. Yay!

Lousia's most excellent shrine to Ganondorf.

ganon's conquest
Many hot pictures of the sexy Dark Lord. Mmm...

the zelda fanlistings
A networking site for Zelda pages.

north castle
Probably one of the oldest fansites around, but only covers the first few games.

HtLoZ was the biggest, bestest Zelda site when Ocarina came out. I wept bitterly when it closed, but now my crying has turned into tears of happiness. It's finally back!

maximum zelda
A very helpful site with game information, screenshots, and fanfiction and art. I got the picture used in the layout from here.

The Zelda Wiki

On Livejournal
zelda_drabble A community for weekly Zelda challenges.
zelda_smut Smut smut smut. And then some more. Not for prudes.
hyrule_fanfic Dedicated to all types of Zelda-inspired fics.
fanfic100 One fanfic challenge community to rule them all.