Arborwin Adoptions was an active adoption site that I hung around from about 1999 to 2007, with its heyday probably around 2002. Arby's art and world lore were great and impressively complex, which made RPing a lot of fun. The biggest draw was probably the melceys: feline/canine types that came in different elements, such as water, fire, and earth, and other, stranger themes like riptide, candy, and graphite, and could join packs. The other adoptable animals included carmors (dragon-types), chevei (equines), lorriams (goats, and one of my favorite species), and neccos (tiny dragons). has since gone down and was not archived by The Wayback Machine, but an early rendition of the site can be seen here. Arby's webcomic Grayling is set in the same reality/planet/universe that the melceys et al existed.

sokia water/f
aren fire/m
vanish water/f
nirrus earth/m
firlak earth/m
kaetilk water/m
kell darkness/f
hoxe sky/m
wylfaleck sound/m
lorec life/m
teselle riptide/f
gitomae life/f
ilona fire/f
daisuke fire/m
sae sky/f
yunes fire/m
ciz candy/f
jist sound/m
bandil water/m
oshuma fire/f
malen f
parit f
zete m
enishi f

karrett f

alagast m
arjagim f
clossameen f

chanine f
risel m
quence f

jaasi f

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